I am assistant and PhD student at Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. My fields of study are: nearly Zero Energy Buildings, residential buildings, thermal comfort, energy efficiency of building and occupant behaviour.

This web page presents my curriculum vitae, research and materials for students.

Personal data
Name Karol Bandurski
Nationality Polish
Telephone +48 665 2534, 2533
E-mail karol.bandurski@put.poznan.pl


Education & qualifications
June 2016 DYNASTEE Summer School (19-24 June 2016, Granada):

Dynamic Methods for whole Building Energy Assessment

August/September 2015 Aalborg University – Denmark

Guest of Indoor Environment Engineering Group, learning occupant behavior modeling


June 2015 Chalmers University of Technology – Sweden

Guest of prof. Angela Sasic Kalagasidis, learning building heat transfer modeling using RC models


September 2013 University of Ligè (Ulg), Campus Arlon – Belgium

Guest of Building Energy Monitoring and Simulation (BEMS), Participant of TRNSYS Days 2012


September 2013 Institute de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya – Spain

Guest of Thermal Energy and Building Performance Group, Training: Indoor comfort in residential building – measurement data analysis, measurements vs. TRNSYS simulation results


September 2012 University of Ligè (Ulg), Campus Arlon – Belgium

Guest of Building Energy Monitoring and Simulation (BEMS), Participant of TRNSYS Days 2012


January/February 2012 Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) – The Netherlands

Guest of Building Physics & Systems, research group;Computational Building Performance Simulation (prof. Jan Hensen)

Course: Introduction to building performance simulation for integrated solutions


September 2005 – September 2010 Poznan University of Technology (PUT) – Poland

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering


September 2009 – January 2010 Aalborg University (AAU) – Denmark

Indoor Environmental Engineering (Erasmus student)


Work experience
June-August 2014 Trainee in BUILDgreen Design Sp. z o.o (http://www.buildgreen.pl/):

·         development of tool to thermal and economic analysis of energy efficiency single-family houses,

·         building simulation

October 2012 Institute of Environmental Engineering,

Poznan University of Technology,

Assistant, PhD student, scope of interests: low-energy residential buildings and their HVAC system. Tasks:

·         teaching: thermal engineering, measurements, automatic and control, basis of automatics, CAD, Excel calculation,

·         HVAC and building modeling and model validation.


January 2011 – September 2012 Institute of Environmental Engineering,

Poznan University of Technology,

Project Technician, subject matter: Reduction of operational energy consumption of buildings. Tasks:

·         calculations: Matlab, TRNSYS,

·         review of HVAC equipment.


May-June 2010 Trainee in ENVIROTECH Sp. z o. o. (HVAC company):

  • building drawing;
  • inventory of buildings and installations;
  • completing of documentation;
  • assisting the construction engineer;
  • assisting the service team.
September 2009 – January 2010 Investigation of night-time ventilation (passive cooling), member of project team (student), Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark:

  • construction and demolition of the test room;
  • realization of the experiment (measurements);
  • analysis of the results using Matlab;
  • processing of the data using Matlab;
  • processing of the calculation model using Matlab;
  • the report preparation and presentation of the results.

Results of the research have been published and presented at 9th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics – NSB 2011 (online: http://vbn.aau.dk/ and http://webhotel2.tut.fi/nsb2011/)

September 2008 Assistant of the construction team, building-site of  the laboratory of Unilever Poland:

  • installing of water system and sewage system;
  • cleaning and filling the water system.
September 2006 Assistant in the Department of Logistics of Sita STAROL,  Chorzów, Poland:

  • organize documentation.


·      AutoCAD

·      Instal-therm

·      LaTex – base

·      MATLAB, Derive

·      MS Office

·      TRNSYS

·      Contam

·      IES <VE> – beginer

·      Google SketchUp – base




·      building symulation

·      measurements of indoor environment quality;

·      knowledge of technical and construction drawing

·      driver license;

·      experience in trade: supply scout camps and events (60-210 people);




English: B2


Management, decision making, teamwork, operation under time pressure, solving unexpected problems:

·      co-organization 8 scout camps (50-100 people);

·      head of 6 scout camps;

·      head of scout team – 5 years;

·      research project in the international team while studying in Denmark.


Hobby scouting, skiing, rambles, cycling





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